The Vatican Denies Rumors It Will Grant Sainthood For Mother Teresa in 2016

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Mother Teresa to become a “saint” next year? Not according to The Vatican.

Mother Teresa Canonization in 2016: Vatican Denies Reports; Says It’s a ‘Working Hypothesis’ – “It is a working hypothesis, therefore there is no official confirmation to be given,” said Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesperson. “The cause for Mother Teresa is still underway and it is therefore premature to speak of an already established date for the canonization,” revealed Father Lombardi further.

Her canonization officially requires a second miracle. But Pope Francis has already issued some derivatives to waive the process for sainthood, categorizing this as “equivalent or equipollent canonizations” says the Catholic Philly report. The pontiff has actually granted at least seven equivalent or equipollent canonizations in the past.