Mother Teresa’s Ignorance & Failure During The Bhopal Chemical Plant Disaster

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It’s been thirty years since the Bhopal chemical disaster in India took place and the moment when Mother Teresa, the most influential public figure of her time showed up briefly at the site for a photo opp and only to pray and demand forgiveness for the corporations and criminals in charge.

Thirty years ago in the city of Bhopal in central India, a gas leak from a local Union Carbide plant moved swiftly into residential areas, poisoning victims in their sleep. Due to a lack of sufficient safety systems, killing tens of thousands (no numbers were ever confirmed) and leaving more than half a million people with serious, long-term health problems.

It has been called by many as the worst industrial disaster in history and continues to affect the area to this day. Due to abandoned chemicals seeping into groundwater, the rates of cancer in Bhopal have doubled in women and tripled in men in the years after the tragedy.

With the potential to use her influence to bring much needed medical assistance and force the authorities to levy swift legal action against the chemical plant and their managers; at the time of the disaster, Mother Teresa rushed there for a photo opp and when asked for her advice and counsel only offered prayers and said ‘Forgive’, ‘Forgive, Forgive.’ and quickly left the scene – This sort of sordid and dangerous mentality is what is prevalent and instructed at every home operated by this organization, and it is nothing less than a human rights violation.