Mother Teresa’s Charity And The Mystery of Foreign Donations in India

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In this report, Mother Teresa’s NGO: “The Missionaries of Charity” shows that they received 488 crores in the years 2006/2007 and 2013/2014, that’s $84,407,000USD. Let us repeat that once again, we’re talking about almost 85 MILLION DOLLARS in donations – and that is just foreign contributions which they chose to report for the Indian chapter alone, which does not include domestic contributions, goods and other items of financial value and land and concessions allowed to them by private companies and government entities in India.

Additionally, this also does not include any other donations or financial records kept in other countries (they currently receive donations in over 100 countries) for the last SIXTY YEARS and without reporting a complete financial picture of their operation. As we continue to locate financial records from Mother Teresa’s fraudulent charity in India, this begins to reveal the massive amount of funds that are continually received by this charity and are completely mismanaged on the ground.

It is impossible to ignore the gross disparity between the substandard services they provide in places like India and the vast amount of funds which they receive for such work.

The dismal quality of medical care, their lack of educational programs and non-existent relief efforts in the face of serious poverty points to nothing less than criminal negligence.