The Truth About Mother Teresa’s Charity

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I worked as a volunteer in one of Mother Teresa’s homes for the poor in Calcutta, India for a period of two months in 2008. I was shocked to discover the horrifically negligent manner in which this charity operates and the direct contradiction of the public’s general understanding of their work.

Workers wash needles under tap water and then reuse them. Medicine and other vital items are stored for months on end, expiring and still applied sporadically to patients. Volunteers with little or no training carry out dangerous work on patients with highly contagious cases of tuberculosis and other life threatening illnesses. The individuals who operate the charity refuse to accept and implement medical equipment and machinery that would safely automate processes and save lives.

After further investigation and research, I realized that all of the events I had witnessed amounted to nothing more than a systematic human rights violation and a financial scam of monumental and criminal proportions.

Not once in its sixty-year history, have the Missionaries of Charity reported the total amount of funds they’ve collected in donations, what percentage they use for administration and where the rest has been applied and how. Since its inception, defectors of the organization and other journalists have placed the figure upwards of one billion dollars (and counting.) The mission currently operates over 700 homes and maintains an average of 4,000+ workers while consistently failing to provide statistics on the efficacy of their work.

It was Mother Teresa’s own admission during an interview that more than 23,000 people had died in the halls of the particular home I had worked in; as if boasting at the figure and missing entirely the point of the enormous compilation of unnecessary deaths.

Mother Teresa also repeatedly admitted that she was not a social worker, and her followers continue to assert the same to this day. So under what motives do they tend to the poor you may ask? The mantra of the operation rests solely on the belief that suffering and poverty are ways of loving god, a seriously troubling statement to say the least.

Standing firm against planned parenthood, modernization of equipment, and a myriad of other solution-based initiatives, Mother Teresa was not a friend of the poor but rather a promoter of poverty.

I have created this blog and the following facebook page:  to denounce the Missionaries of Charity and to educate unsuspecting donors about how their well-intended donations are misused on a daily basis.

After returning home, I also began a campaign to raise awareness about the real issues that families living in slum communities and villages in India face. I founded Responsible Charity Corp, a humanist NGO that is now working to  eradicate poverty by providing education, birth control and sustainability to those who need it the most while being fiscally transparent and accounting all donations received.

Continuing to air these facts about Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity and similar organizations will help point donors everywhere in the world to responsible, accountable and transparent organizations instead, organizations that are truly working to empower men, women and children to overcome poverty.

Thank you for your support,

Hemley Gonzalez, Founder
Responsible Charity, Corp